Connecticut ID Society 

About Us

Our History: The CIDS was founded by Dr. Vincent Andriole in 1984

Board of Directors:

Lydia A. Barakat, MD
Medical Director, Nathan Smith Clinic Yale School of Medicine
New Haven, CT
Vice President:
Jack W. Ross, MD
Chief, Infectious Disease/Allergy
Hartford Hospital, Hartford CT
Michael Simms, MD Chief, Section of Infectious Diseases
Saint Mary’s Hospital, Waterbury, CT
Newsletter Editor:
Margaret K. Fikrig, MD Assistant Professor of Medicine, AIDS Care Program Yale University School of Medicine
Steven Aronin, MD
David Banach, MD
Nicholas Bennett
Kevin Dieckhaus, MD

Marjorie Golden, MD

Charisse Mandimika

CIDS history - adapted from a lecture by Dr. Villaneuva, President of CIDS 2009-2011.